Welcome To My Profile!

2015-12-22 16:44:29 by AnimooStudios

Welcome Everyone! While my username on here is AniMoo Studios, this is only the name of my studio of which I represent. I go by the alias MegaStarr, as it is a play on of my actual name (which I will not give out). Here's a bit about me: 

I'm a beginning animator (although I've learned a lot and have already made my first animation)

I love cats...literally they're the bomb diggity (love dogs too, but cats a bit more)

I love to play video games (mostly a Sony girl, but Nintendo also has a place in my heart)

Fav animal is a platypus(because they're weird like me and ultra cute!)

I love watching all sorts of animation, especially ones made by Studio Ghibli, Disney, and more.

Enough about me though, I'd love to hear more about all of you guys, so if ya feel like it, comment below with a bit about yourself and what got you into animation. Thanks and have a wonderful day! :3